ABCO provides swivels that are ideal for any drilling application whether it is conventional or top drive drilling. Our swivels range from 200 to 750 tons and designed for harsh drilling conditions and high mud pressure. All swivels feature a one-piece forged bail, a stem to allow re-threading of thread box, a main bearing designed for superior performance and long life, and a long radius gooseneck to minimize flow restrictions. We also offer a high-pressure gooseneck for the A-500 and A-650, which will upgrade the working pressure to 7500 psi. In addition to our swivel lines we also offer spare parts for competitors swivels.

ABCO can also unitize the rotary table to a motor. Our unitized skid packages features a heavy-duty oilfield skid and transmission. The rugged design ensures that when the equipment is mounted it remains rigid during operation and moving. The transmission features herringbone gears, a shifter lock mechanism and spline clutches. We also offer hydraulic rotary tables and hi torque tables, which are ideally suited for top drive operation.